Peter Antcliffe

  • Bachelor Environmental Planning - UWS
  • Graduate Diploma Building Surveying - UWS
  • Accredited Certifier & Principal Certifying Authority: A1 - Unrestricted (Building Professionals Board)
  • Member - Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS)
  • Member - Institute of Planners (PIA)
  • Certified Practicing Planner (CCP)
  • Member - Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACA)
  • Member and Vice President - Association of Accredited Certifiers (AAC)

Peter joined Building Certificates Australia Pty Ltd in 2008 and was a Director until 2017, working as a consultant at BCA, Peter has over ten years experience in both the public and private sectors.  His extensive knowledge of the statutory regulation requirements for development within NSW ensures the client is afforded with superior guidance in building regulation matters and fire and life safety assessment.

Peter is accredited in NSW under the Building Professionals Act 2005 as an A1 Unrestricted Accredited Certifier.  Peters understanding of the Building Code of Australia along with his education and the skills he’s gained in the field give him the experience to assess Construction Certificate applications, Occupation Certificate applications, carry out progress inspections, provide BCA consultancy, inspect and report on BCA compliance of existing buildings and coordination of annual essential services certification and fire safety upgrades.

His knowledge and expertise extend to all types of building developments; most recently he has been involved with large commercial, residential, retail, educational, recreational and entertainment venue projects.

Peter also is a qualified Town Planner (CCP) these traits are a great benefit as building surveyors are becoming an integral part of the states development system with Accredited Certifiers being able to issue Complying Development Certificates for a growing mixture of developments.