Building Inspections

Building Certificates Australia Pty Limited can deliver Property Condition Reports in the form of Condition Assessment, Safety Assessment, Essential Services Assessment or Disability Access Assessment. 

Building Condition Assessment

Building Certificates Australia Pty Limited (BCA) Building Condition Assessment will include but is not limited to:

  • Assessing key features of each building which are critical to its structure and safety
  • Rating each feature on its condition of compliance with the BCA and /or Local Building Codes
  • Rating each feature on its risk level
  • Identifying lead pipes and/or paint
  • Identifying hazardous materials
  • The Building’s structural integrity
  • The Building’s Fire Safety
  • Electrical safety and compliance to the BCA and/or Local Building Codes.
  • Compliance of all stairwells, balustrades, banisters and/or corridors to the BCA and/or Local Building Codes.

The Building Condition Assessment focuses on examining the existing condition of each building to identify risks leading to future degradation. It enables a picture of the building to be developed using descriptions of its physical attributes and its compliance/noncompliance with the BCA and/or Local Building Codes.

Fire and Life Safety Reports – Existing Buildings

Our Fire and Life Safety assessment reports focus on the current Building Code of Australia as a benchmark for assessment. Then, recognising that an existing building often cannot practicably achieve compliance with such standards, we aim to provide solutions to upgrade the building that are both economically viable whilst achieving a level of fire and life safety commensurate with minimum community and regulatory expectations and requirements.

Building Safety Assessment

Building Certificates Australia’s Safety Assessment will include but is not limited to:

  • Compliance with relevant sections of the Building Code of Australia and/or relevant Local Building Codes
  • Essential Safety Measures contained within the BCA
  • Disability Discrimination Act compliance where applicable
  • Occupational Health and Safety Risks
  • Environmental Risks, including risks to the human work environment and the natural environment.
  • Identifying lighting standards
  • Testing and tagging of electrical cords
  • Identifying the risks of the storage of chemicals/hazardous material