Facilities Management

What is Facilities Management?

Facilities can be generally defined as buildings, properties and major infrastructure, also referred to within the Facility Management industry as the "built environment".

The primary function of Facility Management (FM) is to manage and maintain the efficient operation of this "built environment".


  • ensuring that services are delivered in a way that contributes to the productivity and profitability of those people who utilize a facility;
  • reducing the impact of the use of facilities on the environment;
  • minimising operational life cycle costs of facilities;
  • repairs and maintenance, security and cleaning as well as more highly technical services required for the efficient operation of a facility

Facilities Management is becoming an essential element in the effective running of public and private sector organisations. Involved in a myriad of disciplines, Facility Managers play a vital role in the realisation of business objectives and in the coordination of the daily operations of facilities and the organisation that use them.

Our Facilities Management Team can provide solutions to aid in the preventative and comprehensive maintenance of client facilities including:

  • Maintenance strategy aligned to business growth and development
  • Critical Systems analysis
  • Inspection and monitoring services
  • Essential services certification
  • Life cycle asset maintenance and replacement
  • Facilities condition appraisal
  • Maintenance planning and schedulingaligned to asset business / operational criticality

Building Certificates Australia provides professional services across a wide range of specialised clientele including Retail, Commercial,Residential,Defence, Health Sport, Industrial, Tertiery,social and economic infrastructure. Working in close collaboration with clients and stakeholders to understand their businessneeds andobjectives, effective management solutions are developed to ensure that property assets are managed as per the clients expectations.