Pre-Development Compliance Advice

A Pre-Application Consultation is a formal process initiated by a person intending to submit a development application ("the applicant").  It is an opportunity for intending applicants to seek input from our qualified staff in relation to what issues should be considered before submitting a development application. 

Building Certificates Australia can help applicants seeking advice on the economic feasibility of a development and/or advice on specific design solutions. Our role would be to assist in the interpretation and application of planning controls.

Pre Development meetings are a service offered to potential applicants to ensure an awareness of the relevant standards, codes and policies which a proposed development will be assessed against.  The meeting/s will provide comprehensive early advice which will assist applicants to decide whether or not to lodge a development application.

Delays in the assessment of development applications are often brought about by inadequate information being submitted, a lack of knowledge about Council’s planning controls and insufficient knowledge of local issues. Building Certificates Australia can help identify lodgment requirements, relevant planning controls and related local issues prior to the lodgment of a development application.

Once a development application is lodged, applicants often will only be provided with one chance to either supply missing information or re-design a proposal to comply with the relevant planning controls.   A Building Certificates Pre-Development meeting therefore represents a valuable information-sharing opportunity to identify any issues that may arise to avoid delays, unnecessary financial loss and refusal of an application.

Please note that by Building Certificates Australia preparing and assisting design of a development other than a Class 1 or 10 building, we are not be able to act as the Accredited Certifier or act as the PCA for the development.